What Can I Run on My Novell Network?

One of the top ten questions I am asked by Novell customers is “What products can I run on my Novell network?” So here is a checklist of Novell resources plus several Novell-compatible vendors and products!

By Donna Moyer

One of the top ten questions I am asked by Novell customers is “What products can I run on my Novell network?” So here is a checklist of Novell resources plus several Novell-compatible vendors and products:

Novell Resources
The Novell website is chock-full of quality information! Try these helpful links:

  • If you visit www.novell.com/partners, you can use the Partner locator on the right-hand side to locate integration, training, or technology partners. If you are looking for hardware or software vendors who partner with Novell, simply click on the technology partner tab.
  • You can visit http://www.novell.com/partnerguide/ to search for products that are YES tested and approved. The search capabilities cover hardware or software products, and allow you to search by industry or partner name.
  • Want to locate products specific to SUSE Linux? Check out http://www.novell.com/partner/isv/isvcatalog to search vendors and products that are certified to work on SUSE Linux.

Novell-Compatible Vendors and Products

We are always looking for great products to solve customer issues and to run on our own network. Below are just a few of the products that have come to our attention in the past year, and the status of our company's review:

Barracuda Message Archiver:
Barracuda has been known for a long time for its Spam and Virus Firewall product. Given the rave reviews customers have provided for that product, I was excited to hear about their Message Archiver.

Why I am interested in it:
I have a customer who is running one and loves it!

Quick facts:
Appliance-based. Choose the appliance based on the number of mailboxes you need to support. No per mailbox pricing.

More information: www.barracudanetworks.com

Sonian Archive SA2: The folks from Sonian have a long history with GroupWise. This very interesting product is an email archiving solution hosted on the Amazon cloud. We are looking forward to testing this solution at Uptime and will let you know the results.

Why I am interested in it: During the webinar we did with these folks, they were able to answer all of my security concerns, including issues around extracting mail should we decide to discontinue the service, etc.

Quick facts: No new hardware. Pricing is per mailbox per year, but storage is unlimited. One-time setup fee for loading your data.

More information: http://www.sonian.net/

Riva Integration Server: One of the toughest things about GroupWise is looking for ways to integrate it with CRM software. Perhaps your organization has already chosen a solution like Salesforce or Goldmine and is now looking at Outlook for its integration capabilities. Enter Omni-TS and Riva Integration server. Riva provides the connectivity you need between some of the most popular CRM packages available and GroupWise.

Why I am interested in it: Omni-TS has a long history of creating products for Novell environments. Since Riva has a desktop version recommended to small environments, we will be able to easily review this product without setting up a server.

Quick facts: Provides GroupWise integration with Salesforce, Goldmine, SugarCRM, and SharePoint. There is even a free Facebook app to integrate GroupWise with Facebook!

More information: www.omni-ts.com

SEP sesam: We are always looking for great backup products. This one came to our attention at BrainShare last year. After reviewing a webinar, we are intrigued to review this solution further.

Why I am interested in it: SEP claims to support multiple platforms, particularly OES NetWare and Linux, including support for OES clusters.

Quick facts: The licensing model is very simple. Functionally, they claim to be on par with solutions like Syncsort or Tivoli, but with pricing closer to Backup Exec.

More information: http://sepusa.com/


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