Just as traditional data stores continue to grow, so do our email stores. It seems like an overnight explosion! But as anyone who has tried to implement an email store reduction policy knows, getting end-users to give up the items they have retained is almost impossible. The solution? Email archivers!

Gradenko is the code name for Novell's DataSync engine. This software is being developed to provide a way to sync data across a broad range of applications. Read on to find out how this will provide more functionality to GroupWise customers, as well as open up a broad range of possibilities for other applications and data.

Mobile devices are everywhere! And the choices for what users want to use seem limitless. What’s a GroupWise administrator to do when users want to be able to synch their calendars, address books, and tasks with GroupWise?

So what’s great about the new GroupWise Windows client? Here are six of our favorite features!

Explore the new features in GroupWise 8’s WebAccess and Linux/Macintosh clients … plus check out some points of particular interest for GroupWise administrators!

As organizations realize the tremendous power of collaboration to boost productivity and fuel business success, choosing the right solution becomes more important than ever. If you’re evaluating a collaboration solu¬tion deployment or upgrade—and particularly if you’re feeling pressure to migrate from Novell GroupWise to Exchange—it’s critical to understand the fiscal facts.

Email is critical to virtually any organization and, like a utility, it must operate as close to 100 percent of the time as possible. Deploying and managing email systems is expensive, even in the best of circumstances, but there are significant differences in the cost of messaging systems, driven largely by differences in the amount of IT labor required to manage them. Read this intensive white paper to see why Novell GroupWise may be the best choice for your business.

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