Novell Network - General

Smart phones are everywhere and users are asking us on a regular basis to support the latest models on our networks. Like me, many users are passionate about these devices because of the productive (and cool) apps that are available. In keeping with this trend, I thought it might be fun to share with you what apps I run on my iPhone and why.

Ahhh, spring. It looks like it is just around the corner, and for those of us in the Northeast, that is welcome news! With spring comes the urge to clean out the garage, organize the shed, and start afresh. But what about our networks?

My informal surveys indicate that many of you are not using social networks. However, since I started to use Twitter to send BrainShare updates to those of you who could not attend, I have found it to be a great tool for keeping up on all things Novell. A side benefit is that it helps me stay in touch with areas I am interested in outside of work. Read on to find out how to set up Twitter to keep abreast of technical (and other fun) topics.

Take a look at a very long-awaited product: Novell's Data Synchronizer and the Mobility Pack for GroupWise. Read on to find out how this new tool can help you provide your end-users with access to their data on-the-go and solve other GroupWise integration issues you may be facing.

Getting ready for a migration to Windows 7? Here are a few tools to put in your toolbox to assist you with that migration!

As data stores continue to grow and the need for retaining more and more organizational data for legal reasons increases, IT professionals are working to determine if their current backup strategies can keep up. Data deduplication can help!

Test labs: we know that we need them. But getting one off the ground can seem an insurmountable task! So to help you roll up your sleeves and get started, here is a summary of how we set up test labs for our customers at Uptime, plus some practical ideas to help you get the most out of your test lab after it is up and running!

One of the top ten questions I am asked by Novell customers is “What products can I run on my Novell network?” So here is a checklist of Novell resources plus several Novell-compatible vendors and products!

Technical advances and dropping prices allow us to give users what they want—more space to store their stuff. But as George Carlin pointed out in his famous stand-up routine about Stuff, some challenges can result. Read on to find out what we are seeing as we visit customers, plus some great solutions to help.