A Day in the Life of A Smartphone

By Donna Moyer

Note: Smart phones are everywhere and users are asking us on a regular basis to support the latest models on our networks. Predications are that smartphones will outsell PCs by 2012. I can see why because, as more apps become available, I have been finding less and less need for my laptop. Like me, many users are passionate about these devices because of the productive (and cool) apps that are available. In keeping with this trend, I thought it might be fun to share with you what apps I run on my iPhone and why.

It is 6:00 a.m., and as I start my day I am checking my email and schedule from GWMail and GWCalendar . These apps do not sync mail and appointments to my phone, but rather, they access GroupWise via WebAccess. I can respond to and send emails, search my folders, and delete old messages. I can also send and accept appointments.

  • Available for the iPhone from the App Store.
  • Beta for the Android available from Ghost Pattern Software at www.ghostpattern.com.

Today, I am flying to another state and need to check in for my flight. Enter the app from Southwest. From this app, I can check in, book flights, change flights, and check on my frequent flier miles. After checking in, I see my boarding pass: barcode and all. One of the gate reps told me that soon we will be able to have the app scanned and will not need a paper boarding pass. How very green! Other airlines have similar apps available.

  • Available for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

To see what the weather is going to be like for the day, I use the app from The Weather Channel. I can bookmark different cities, so prior to planning this trip, I added my destination city into the bookmarks. This let me keep a watch on the weather in that area and helped me pack appropriately. The app also gives weather advisory and storm warning information.

  • Available for the iPhone, Blackberry and the Android.

Time to jump in the car and head to the airport! To track my mileage, I use the first app I ever loaded on my phone: Milog. I can enter my starting and ending mileage, date of travel, purpose, mileage reimbursement rate, and tolls. At the end of the month, I can report on my business mileage: it even calculates the total reimbursement. The report can then be emailed to me. This app alone saved me enough time in one month to pay for the phone.

  • This particular app is only available for the iPhone, but a quick search shows many other similar apps available for the Android and Blackberry.

I am finally checked in and heading to the gate. Time for Starbucks. My handy Starbucks Card app allows me to enter my Starbucks card information, reload the cards with more funds, and find the store nearest to me. When I am ready to pay, Starbucks can scan my phone! One of my friends noted that it is "like EZ-Pass for coffee!"

At the gate, I am checking in with my social networks. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all have apps for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry that make reviewing and updating a breeze.

A text message to my phone from the airline alerts me that my flight is delayed. Time for a movie. Netflix provides an app that allows me to access my account, add movies to my instant queue and view them on my phone. If I can't finish the movie before returning home, I can pick up where I left off from the same queue on my PS3.

  • Available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.

Finally arriving at my destination (better late than never), I head to the hotel. Time to find a place for dinner. I use Urban Spoon to find restaurants that are close by, check the menus, and, most importantly, the ratings. This handy app, which is available for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, allows me to try local establishments rather than relying on chain restaurants. It can then switch over to Google Maps which gives me walking or driving directions to the location.

Back to business … since our company began sending out this monthly email newsletter, I check my Constant Contact app to be sure it was sent and to see how many folks (like you!) opened it. Then I check in with my Salesforce app to see if I have any outstanding tasks, and to confirm the contact information for the customer I am meeting with in the morning.

Time to turn in. I realize that I have been productive and connected during my entire travel day without opening my laptop! These are just a few of the apps on my phone and a tiny number of those that are available. If you would like to share your favorites, email me. We will use them in the Cool Tool section of our newsletter and send you a $10 Starbucks card so you can fill up your Starbucks Card App!

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