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Boost Test Lab in A Box


Boost Test Lab in a Box

BOOST! was created by IT professionals, for IT professionals. You will      
benefit from a step-by-step modular approach that lets you achieve
quick success in product installations and implementations. Plus, the
BOOST! DVDs and workbooks are a reusable investment, as they will
always be on hand as a great shelf reference.

Test Lab in a Box will guide you through:
* Creating your first virtual machines
* Installing the OS and VMware tools
* Snapshotting and cloning
* Navigating the VMware workstation interface
* Using Unity
* Connecting devices and working with VM networks
* Sharing data between the host and the VMs
* Powering on to BIOS
* Backing up and sharing VMs
* Using your VMs as a test lab



Price: $197.00


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