Backup and Antivirus for Open Enterprise Server

By Donna Moyer

Note: As we migrate many of our customers to OES Linux, we are getting a lot of questions about backup and antivirus solutions. So here, we are going to do a quick review of what you need to look for and the questions you need to ask when deciding on a solution for your particular environment.


First, remember that not all backup solutions are created equal when it comes to OES. Many programs will backup Linux as a target, but OES adds a twist due to NSS volumes. Therefore, when reviewing your backup solution, make sure that OES NSS volumes are supported. If your current backup solution does not support OES NSS volumes, you can backup trustees and edirectory by using scripts and a cron job.

Second, be sure to review whether or not the backup software supports OES Linux as a media server. As noted above, many solutions will backup Linux as a target, but will not support the server as a media server. (If you have a NetWare server connected to a tape library and that server backs up all of your other servers, it is a media server.) If you are going to migrate to OES Linux, then your backup software will need to provide this support. To see what we mean, check out two of Symantec's products, Backup Exec and NetBackup. Backup Exec does not support OES as a media server, while NetBackup does. For a compatibility matrix of software tested by Novell, please click here. Hover over the icon next to each product name for detailed information.


Approach antivirus products in the same way, verifying that the product you are using or considering will support scanning NSS volumes and that it will support the server managing clients. Many vendors have dropped this support. One example is Symantec: while they offer full support for Windows servers, they have dropped support for NetWare servers to obtain updates and serve them to workstations. Once again, please check here to see which products supports NSS on OES. You will need to check with your antivirus vendor for options for managing your workstations.

OES brings many exciting new features to your enterprise. Reviewing the requirements for backup and antivirus prior to migrating your first server will add to your migration success!

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