Conferencing Made Easy!

By Donna Moyer

Gone are the days of trying to figure out when and where everyone can meet. With the Conferencing component of Novell’s Teaming + Conferencing product, communication (including meetings!) can now move at light speed.

The Conferencing component provides:

  • meeting scheduling and management tools
  • presence indicators to show who is available to meet
  • instant messaging and chat during meetings
  • web and voice conferencing
  • application and desktop sharing
  • whiteboarding

Two separate clients are currently required to access the full range of Conferencing capabilities: one for the instant message and chat, available via the Pidgin (formerly GAIM) client; and one for the rest of the support features noted above. Novell is, however, moving toward a fully browser-based client for the Conferencing product.

So what are the advantages? With Conferencing, you will enjoy:

  • Comprehensive instant messaging and chat features. Pidgin includes many of the features found on AOL Instant Messenger or Trillian, including virus protection, file transfer capabilities, and emoticons for use during conversations.
  • Searchable data archives. Meetings conducted through instant messaging can be saved in searchable archives.
  • Complete integration with Teaming. Teaming supports presence by showing who is available in the Teaming interface when someone is logged into Pidgin. Support for GroupWise Instant Messenger is available via a plugin.
  • Versatile voice conferencing. Voice conferencing can be done via soft phone, VoIP, or standard telephone. (Live voice conferencing requires that the NMS CG 6060 or CG 6565 media boards be added to the server.) Users can initiate voice conferences from within the Conferencing client, without the hassle of setting up a separate audio bridge.
  • Streamlined meetings. Instant messenger and voice conferencing allow for rapid communications (two-way or in groups) without the need to call a meeting or to travel. Meetings can take place right when problems or questions arise, promoting rapid forward movement on a project.
  • Practical functionality. Whiteboarding and desktop sharing provide the same capabilities for communicating information that one would use for an in-person meeting. They are also perfect for support professionals who can use this feature to take control of someone’s desktop even if they are not on the internal network.

In all, Novell’s Teaming + Conferencing provides organizations with tremendous abilities to connect individuals, streamline communication, manage knowledge, and collaborate on projects. It is definitely a product to consider if you want to give your business a competitive edge!

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