Uptime Innovations: The Right Vibe At South Western School District

Client Challenge

With teachers regularly requesting applications to use in their classrooms on mobile devices, the South Western School District (SWSD) needed a workflow process to ensure proper review, approvals, and installation.

Uptime Solution

Uptime built a workflow in Vibe that accomplished three key tasks:

  • Data collection. Teachers who needed an app cold go to the Vibe website and complete a detailed request form, specifying why they needed the app and how it wold be used in the classroom.
  • Automatic routing. Vibe would then automatically route the request to the appropriate personnel for review. The specific reviewers would depend upon where the teacher was located in the district.
  • Decision notification. The teacher wold be notified when the app was installed and ready for use, or if the request had been denied.

Dynamic Results

  • Ease of use. Because Vibe utilizes emails to send notification at each stage, the staff does not have to navigate through the Vibe websit: embedded links make reviewing and approving information quick and easy.
  • Improved Resource Management. Online data collection allows teachers and administrators to sort and filter available applications, thereby leveraging current resources and eliminating redundancies.
  • A Scalable Solution. The workflow positions SWSD well for increasing the use of both devices and applications throughout the district.

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