ENGL Deployment Assistance

Are you new to ENGL? As the only ENGL-certified integration partner in the U.S., we would be glad to help you get up-to-speed quickly and efficiently!

Uptime offers three levels of deployment assistance for ENGL:

The ENGL BOOST! DVD and workbook set provides you with step-by-step instructions to complete a basic ENGL Imaging Toolkit™ installation and implementation at your own pace.

ENGL Quick Start
If you want to install and implement ENGL on your own, but would like detailed guidance for the process plus the security of expert personal support, Uptime’s ENGL Quick Start program is for you!

One-on-One ENGL Consulting
Uptime will work with your staff to install, configure, and customize ENGL to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our one-week concentrated program ensures quick results and allows you to train all your team members at one time.
For more information, contact us today: Deployment is easy with Uptime!