What ENGL Can Do For You

The ENGL Imaging Toolkit™ provides wizards that walk you through the process of creating a sysprepped installation source that is truly hardware independent. ENGL also provides an application to pull drivers sets from new workstations into a new add-on image. This application then creates the syntax for a lookup file used during the build process so that when the build occurs, information can be pulled from the BIOS and the correct drivers are deployed.

The magic of ENGL allows you to:

  • get to one hardware-independent image
  • deploy the correct drivers as add-on images
  • deploy the Novell client and ZENworks agents as add-on images for easy updating
  • name the workstations correctly
  • join an Active Directory Domain
  • deploy applications
  • customize the workstation during the build

When the process – which is straightforward, quick, and easy to understand – is complete, you have a new workstation ready for users to access!

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