OES Deployment Assistance

Do you have migration headaches?  Or do you help with a new installation or with the new features of OES? Uptime can help! Contact us for:

One-on-One OES Consulting

  • Complete migration review. We will provide you with a thorough review of your current NetWare installation, and give you documented recommendations for moving forward with your migration.
  • Comprehensive migration support. Relax … we’ll do the migration for you! There’s no need for you to spend valuable resources of time, money, and personnel learning a task that only needs to be done once. Uptime has migrated servers for many different clients, and we would be glad to make your migration smooth and effortless.
  • Customized implementation assistance. Is your migration complete, but you still have questions? Uptime will help you maximize your investment by showing you how to implement the latest features in OES such Domain Services for Windows and Dynamic Storage Technology.

Get the system solution you need! Contact Uptime today!